Would you be happy to pay for Albion Online

posted on 18 Jan 2016 13:43 by albionmall

This is a touchy subject simply because the game is in alpha. I do want to bring up the topic, however. We have to understand that as a community, in a free-to-play game there has to be a slight pay-to-win element. Otherwise, there would never be any incentive to spend real dollars, which would inevitably bring the game to an end because SI would not be able to support themselves. Currently, the only element in the game that I saw to have any reason to buy gold was in player housing. That way, you can offset your upkeep cost, which is pretty significant. Is this the right direction, I don’t know.

As more players enter the game, silver will become harder to farm. There will be way too much competition for spawns. Thus, gold is a solution. For a newer player, was discussed earlier, this is the wrong approach. For an experience player, this can be another reason to offset the use of silver to buy and repair gear, etc. In the current build, you can’t use gold in the AH which defeats that purpose. Do we want to make it so that gold can be used in the AH, probably not. Otherwise, it would discourage players from going out into the world to farm silver which reduces open world PvP and open world activity.

By the end of the Alpha, I probably went through a million silver or so. If the game were to continue, I would never have any need to purchase gold, unless player competition got too high to farm silver effectively. I see that being a problem. Again, it is alpha and SI could have many more things in the works.

Possible exposures: botting, hacking, exploits, etc.
Being the game is on the unity engine, botting, hacks and exploits are going to be hard for SI to manage, especially on a free to play platform. Bots will be easy to create, given the unity engine and how the zones are currently configured. With free to play, anyone can create a new account and bot for personal gain. Hacks will be just as easy to get Albion Online Power Leveling. I don’t ever plan on doing either, simply because I plan to invest a lot of time and buy a lot of gold. Therefore, I will be heavily invested in the game. However, it will be an issue and only time will tell just how much of an issue it will be.