First the Wild...then Staking... Next... The Trade Limits?!?! We've had Enough! on January 3rd 2009 there Will Be a huge Runescape Riot Starting in Front Of The (Grand Exchange) on World 3. Come to support the fellow pkers we know and love who cant do jack squat anymore..For More info Join Piranaharrows Clan Chat!

The Spirit Spider is a good starting creature to make money off of (they're scrolls cost is about its mid, which is its low price) it could make ateast 1 - 7 spider eggs from one scroll, and if i recall, spider eggs are about 300 each.

A Fruit Bat's Scroll is garrentied to make atleast 1 Papaya (if the scroll works) at the moment, Fruitfall scrolls are nearly 200 each papayas are 700 - 800 each. it also forages Fruit and Strawberry/Watermelon Seeds)

I can make a few hundred K an hour, all i do is use Item Producing Familiars like Fruitbats, Macaws, Ibis and Spiders.

Theyre best used for fast activitys like.

- Smelting steel at edgeville
- Chopping Willows in Rimmington (need Rocking Out started).
- Coking/Stealing Gems in the Rogues Den.

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